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As The Flower Sheds its Fragrance

"When approaching God, one has to give everything, all one possesses. But people say: "How am I to give up my pride, my anger, my self-importance, how can I bear insult without a murmur?' When you give everything, you get everything." -Anandamayee Ma "The Universe was created out of joy and this is why you find joy in the fleeting things of the world. Without joy, life is an ordeal. You must try to attain to that great joy which has brought forth the world." -Anandamyee Ma

Death Must Die

Death Must Die gives an intimate first-hand account of a courageous woman's spiritual quest in close association with several of India's greatest modern saints. Unfolding against the back-drop of Banaras in the 1940s, where she lived as a teacher and musician, we are given an in-depth picture of her intense relationship with the extraordinary woman who becomes here guru--Sri Anandamayee Ma.

Keywords of Vedanta in the light of the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi

During author’s academic retirement in Chennai he wrote (from 2004 to 2019) various articles for The Mountain Path, the official quarterly

The Scientist And The Saint

Science often claims the monopoly of truth, but is unable to give answers to the main questions. It is valid and useful in its field, but it must understand its limitations and is not a strong base for providing a world-view. On the other hand, throughout history, and in every continent, saints and sages have claimed to see the final reality. Their testimonies are, if not equal, at least convergent. This book quotes a wide range of scientists and sages, giving a strong base for a spiritual view of life and the universe.

Yogirajadhiraj Swami Vishuddhanand Paramahansadeva

Baba Vishuddhanandaji the master of Yoga and self-realization who lived in the first half of this century was an embodiment of Yoga and knowledge of reality combined with compassion for one and all. Babaji possessed the eight siddhis Anima, Mahima etc., and demonstrated the same to his admirers. Surya-Vijnan, Chandra-Vijnan, Nakshatra-Vijnan and Vayu-Vijnan worked at his command. Dr. Gopinath Kaviraj, deeply struck by his feats in his early years became his disciple all his life and got his initiation in Mantras. It is a pity that Independent India has not produced even one of Baba's type.

कौन हैं ये श्यामाचरण Kaun Hain Ye Shayamacharan

भारतीय सनातन धर्म के ध्रुवतारा योगिराज श्री श्यामाचरण लाहिड़ी महाशय की योगसाधना जो क्रियायोग के नाम से सुपरिचित है, के

मनीषी की लोकयात्रा

कविराज जी के दार्शनिक चिंतन और कृतित्व से भारतीय संस्कृति तथा साहित्य अनेक विध समृद्ध हुआ है. वाराणसेय संस्कृत विश्वविद्यालय (पूर्व गवर्नमेंट संस्कृत कॉलेज, बनारस) और उसका विश्वप्रसिद्ध 'सरस्वती-भवन' विविध रूपों में उनके द्वारा की गयी सेवाओं से ही वर्त्तमान स्थिति प्राप्त करने में समर्थ हुआ. यह हिंदी-भाषी क्षेत्र का सौभाग्य था की पूर्वी बंगाल में जन्मा ग्रहण करते हुए भी इस महापुरुष की शिक्षा-दीक्षा और साधना भूमि होने का गौरव उसे प्राप्त हुआ. भौतिक दृष्टि से जन्मभूमि के आकर्षक एवं उत्कर्षविधायक प्रलोभनों तथा दबाओं के बावजूद इनकी काशिनिष्ठा ढृढ़ रही और वही आजीवन इनकी क्षेत्र-संन्यास-स्थली बानी रही. इनका अपना विशीष्ट क्षेत्र दर्शन, भक्तिसाधना तथा तंत्र था. इन विषयों पर पिछले पचास वर्षों में निर्मित हिंदी साहित्य के वे प्रमुख प्रेरणास्रोत रहे हैं.