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Ancient Indian Massage

Massage, done according to the natural laws of human anatomy and energy flow, offers the most pleasurable benefit of all daily practices. Regular massage vibrates and energizes the skin, muscles and nerves simultaneously and helps the body become light, active and full of vitality. Body heat and vitality increase as the heart and circulatory system open up to provide fresh oxygen and energy to all parts of the system while simultaneously flushing out waste gases and chemicals.

Ayurveda : The Science of Self-Healing

Ayurveda is a simple, practical science of life whose principles are universally applicable to each individual's daily existence. Ayurveda speaks to every element and facet of human life, offering guidance that has been tested and refined over many centuries to all those who seek greater harmony, peace and longevity. The knowledge supplied in this book will be of lasting value to the reader.

Ayurveda & Aromatherapy

This book is a collection of healing experience using aromatherapy and Ayurveda. The book presents both sciences in a format for Westerners. It includes a self-diagnosis questionnaire to determine your metabolic type, descriptions of essential oils, and recipes for the use of essential oils for common problems. It contains detailed information on over 100 essential oils, as well as over 100 illustrations and photographs.

Ayurveda And Acupuncture

In Ayurveda and Acupuncture, Dr. Frank Ros reveals the ancient Ayurvedic system of acupuncture called Siravedhana or Marmapuncture which has remained secret for may years. Ayurveda and Acupuncture is a comprehensive introduction for the lay-paerson to truly understand not only Ayurvedic acupuncture but Ayurveda also. On the other hand, through detailed drawings and explanations it is also an indepth instructional manual for practitioners who practice acupuncture or Ayurveda but would like to learn how to mesh these two together to form an effective, integrative, synergistic system.

Ayurveda for Health And Family Welfare

With worldwide attention now being focussed on alternative medicine systems (vis-a-vis allopathy), Ayurveda has begun to receive its long overdue

Ayurveda Nature’s Medicine

Ayurveda Nature's Medicine contains a full description of Ayurveda on all levels from diet and herbs to yoga and meditation, explaining both Ayurvedic diagnostic and treatment methods. It covers all the material found in two-year Ayurvedic programs in India for foreign students. Notably, it explains key Ayurvedic life-style recommendations for diet, exercise and sexuality, outlining daily and seasonal regimens for optimal health and vitality.

Ayurvedic Cooking for all

Ayurvedic Cooking for All is a godsend to people suffering from food allergies and/or degenerative illnesses. In the words of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, ''Let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food. '' Cooking Ayurvedically and with Amadea's input for specific conditions enables this fine tuning of foods to ones individual constitution and therefore the return-or maintenance of-good health.

Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-Healing

In this book you will find simple, practical approaches to food and specific recipes from the Ayurvedic art of cooking to help restore the body's healthful balance. Though there is much helpful information within these covers, this book is not proposed as a treatment plan for any disease. This, of course, you must obtain from your own doctor.

Ayurvedic Healing for Women

Ayurvedic Healing for Women is suitable as an introduction to ayurvedic thinking and healing for beginners. It is also suitable as a study guide for advanced students interested in the specific health problems concerning women today. There is an underlying beneficial and optimistic attitude that trusts the healing power of nature and gives a hopeful outlook and comfort to most of women's problems.

Caraka Samhita Vol. 1 – Sutra sthana and Nidana sthana

Caraka samhita represents one important branch of Ayurveda known as kaya cikitsa (inner medicine). Other seven branches also adopt these doctrines only. This has made caraka samhita, a source book for all. In view of its importance and popularity, many scholars have written commentaries on it. Many of these are losta nd among the available ones, the commentary of Cakrapani datta known as Ayurveda dipika is considered the best. Hence its translation and inclusion in this book.

Digestion and Metabolism in Ayurveda

This book provides in-depth knowledge of digestive diseases and its treatment through ayurvedic and herbal medicines. The important aspect of