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Hindu Dharma

This book presents its core essentials and their implictions for the current times and differentiates it from other religious traditions. It focuses more on its timeless aspects independent of the ebb and flow of history. In addition, it emphasizes Dharma's implications for a life centered on deep and universal spiritual quest.


This book is mainly for the layman who would like to have an idea about Hinduism and the Indian way

Hinduism and Buddhism

Ananda Coomaraswamy's Hinduism and Buddhism, like all his writings, is a masterpiece. In this work he sets forth his ideas with his usual depth and insight to discard the wrong notions about the divergence in the basic philosophies of these two major religions that have been propounded by 'European scholars and by Indians trained in our modern sceptical and evolutionary modes of thought.

Philosophical Foundation of Hinduism

The books presents an understanding of the philosophical roots of Hinduism: the nature and meaning of Hinduism as revealed in

Puja & Samskara

This book treats two representative Hindu rituals of contemporary India, Puja (offering service) and Samskara(initiation rituals at important occasions of

Religions Of The World Hinduism

With its vast poantheon of gods and goddesses and its traditional reliance upon a strict caste system to organize society,

Sacred Hindu Symbols

Hinduism is not merely a religion but a way of life Hinduism. in its traverse of four thousand years, has