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Eighty-Four Asanas in Yoga

Physical postures are the most important and often the only constituent of modern Yoga. Many practitioners believe that the postures derive from an ancient original set of eighty-four asanas. This book, for the first time, traces traditions of eighty-four postures by examining original materials, including drawings, descriptions in older Indic texts and modern publications which reflect contemporary traditions.

Tantric Forms of Ganesa

The number of publications dealing with Ganesa is not insignificant, few take original Sanskrit texts into consideration. The Tantric aspects of the deity have certainly been studied too little. This book contributes to our knowledge of this less familiar side of Ganesa.  This text gives the iconographic peculiarities, mantras, and yantras of fourteen forms of Ganesa as well as instructions for the ritual application of the mantras.

The Hindu Pantheon in Nepalese Line Drawings

This book reproduces line drawings of the pantheon of deities described in chapter 6 of the Pratisthalaksanasarasamuccaya from two 17th century Nepalese