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Ancient History of India

This is a fresh look at the history of Ancient India, centering on the Law Code of Manu (Manusmrti/Manu Dharmasastra),

Buddhism as / in Performance

Buddhism  as/in performance is a commendable piece of painstaking research, presented in a jargonless, compellingly readable style.It is certainly a

Kathaka The Tradition

The book traces the history of kathaka from ancient to medieval period: its orign and continuous evolution in a struggle

Mind-Body Dualism

A Great deal of work has already been done by many distinguished philosophers on mind-body dualism. However, the main aim

The Central Philosophy of The Rgveda

Rgveda, a collection of hymns which are primarily prayers and praises addressed to various deities, is a religious/spritual classic which


In the Hindu pantheon, Yama holds a unique place. A counterpart, in the indigenous tradition, of AvestanYima, Egyptian Osiris or Greek pluto, he inspires terror in the heart of an average mortal: not only owing to his overlordship of the abode of the dead, but also for his identification with death itself. Yama's image in Hindu mythology, however, has come to have many variants - which Dr.Mehr's study tries to capture against their essential literary settinngs.