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The Devimahatmya addresses the perennial questions of the nature of the universe, humankind, and divinity. Written in the form of a narrative of a dispossessed king, a merchant betrayed by the family he loves, and a seer, it presents a trilogy of myths concerning the all powerful Divine Mother, Durga, and the fierce battles she wages against throngs of demonic foes. These allegories represent our all-too-human impulses toward power, possessions, and  pleasure.

The Hidden Wisdom of the Goddess

The hidden Wisdom of the Goddess is an extended meditation in the form of a novel that follows the Devimahatmya's basic outline, condensed here and expanded there in freely imaginative ways. In the Devimahatmya the seer Medhas teaches through the language of myth, which cries out for interpretation, because little is spelled out.