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Domain of Lord Jagannath

This little book, entitled Domain of Lord Jagannath -A Historical Study by Dr. Bikram Das, a medical professor, is a unique work in the field of cultural history relating to Lord Jagannath and the Thakur Raja of Puri. It describes how the glorious administration of the sixteenth century developed in Purushottama-dham and how the Gajapati Rajas were respected by Rajas, Zamindars and people of Orissa even after they were deprived of power and independence.

Garuda : The Chariot of Vishnu

Garuda had been a powerful vehicle of Visnu, who participated in several wars fought by his master with the demons. The event of his bringing of the nectar from the heaven in order to relieve his mother of the bondage of the serpents is quite interesting, which, along with other events, has been suitably deal with in this works. Garuda not only adored the flags of the rulers but his seals were also embossed over the important documents in the past.

Hanuman : The Only Devotee

Hanuman is the most important warrior of Ramayana. Though he had been a silent soldier with Sugriva, but his personality gained importance after his coming in contact with Rama. He played a leading role in the Kiskindha, Sundra and Yuddha-Kanda of Ramayana. Indeed it would be no exeggeration to say that he is the auspicious, brave and the illustrious hero of the Sundara-Kanda the selfless service rendered to Rama, Sugriva, Laksmana, Sita besides his own colleagues is beyond comparison.

Laksmi : The Consort of Visnu and Goddess of Wealth

Laksmi in Indian religious thought happens to be the spouse of Lord Visnu, she is said to have emerged as one of the gems from the churning of the ocean, jointly undertaken by the demons and the gods. Immediately after her emerging from the ocean she accepted lord Visnu as her lord. She has been in worship since time immemorial as an individual goddess as well as in the company of her lord Visnu.

Siva : The Gracious

Siva is the ancient most god of the Hindu trinity and his worship in India is of great antiquity, traces of which are found in the Harappan culture, in Vedic literature and the Puranas besides the Upanisads etc. His temples are found from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from bengal to the western regions of the country. He indeed had been the great god with enormous following throughout the country. The present account provides the glimpses of his life in brief.


Skanda Karttikeya happens to be a son of Siva and there is a very interesting story of his birth. Which has been detailed in this work. Besides that the others events of his life and also the fact that he had been the chief commander of the gods are included in this work.