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History and Time An Indian Perspective

The modern West accords great preeminence to “History”, and therein situates, for the most part, the essence and meaning of

India from Within A Guide to India’s History, Religion, Arts, Culture and Society

Indian society is manifold and extremely complex. The richness of the Indian subcontinent defies and exceeds all facile explanations or generalizations, and cannot be adequately interpreted through western concepts. This book tries to clear a path towards an understanding of this immense country, home to a civilization that has endured without interruption for millennia. In this small encyclopaedia of India, the author explains the roots and foundations of Indian civilization, covering almost every aspect of Indian culture; its broad topics include History, Religion, Society, Arts, The State, and travel. Offering an illuminating selection of information concerning many aspects of India, this is surely among the most complete cultural guides about this country and its varied cultures.

The Scientist And The Saint

Science often claims the monopoly of truth, but is unable to give answers to the main questions. It is valid and useful in its field, but it must understand its limitations and is not a strong base for providing a world-view. On the other hand, throughout history, and in every continent, saints and sages have claimed to see the final reality. Their testimonies are, if not equal, at least convergent. This book quotes a wide range of scientists and sages, giving a strong base for a spiritual view of life and the universe.