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Advaita A Conceptual Analysis

The book does not just present Advaita as a system of metaphysical thought. It is essentially an off-beat effort seeking

Advaitic Mysticism Of Sankara

This book attempts to elaborate and clarify Sankara's understanding of brahmannubhava, in all its aspects, relying exclusively on his own writings. For this, not only the commentaries, but also the prakarana granthas have been taken into account. In the final chapter, brahmanubhava is compared with what was said about the mystic experience by two of the most authoritative exponents of christian and Islamic mysticisms, namely st, John of the cross and Jalalu' d-Din Rumi, mainly to understand Sankara's position without any ambiguity.

Philosophical Foundation of Hinduism

The books presents an understanding of the philosophical roots of Hinduism: the nature and meaning of Hinduism as revealed in

The Central Philosophy of The Rgveda

Rgveda, a collection of hymns which are primarily prayers and praises addressed to various deities, is a religious/spritual classic which