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108 Discourses of Swami Brahmananda Saraswati Shankaracharya of Jyotirmath (1941-1953) (Hindi and English)

We are fortunate in that many of Swami Brahmananda's 'Upadesha' (discourses or sermons) were transcribed, and published in the ashram newsletter of 'Shri Shankaracharya Upadesha'. Now these most important words of Shankaracharya Swami Brahmanand Saraswati are being made available in this special edition, both in their original Hindi and in English, with translation done by Paul Mason.

A Dictionary of Indian Mythology

Notwithstanding the existence of a few dictionaries pertaining to Indian mythology, modern studies on this subject as a separate discipline

A Buddhist Spectrum

“Marco Pallis was at once an incomparable authority on Buddhism, especially in its Tibetan form, a defender and protector of

A Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology and Religion

The main portion of this work consists of mythology, but religion is bound up with mythology, and in many points the two are quite inseparable. Of history, in the true sense, Sanskrit possesses nothing, or next to nothing, but what little has been discovered here finds its place. The chief geographical names of the old writers also have received notice, and their localities and identifications are described so far as present knowledge extends.

A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy Sanskrit Terms Defined in English

This comprehensive dictionary of Indian philosophical terms provides the terms in both devanagari and roman transliteration along with an English

A Course in Indian Philosophy

Indian Philosophy its content is of course completely irrelevant to the world of greed and money-making which has replaced the remarkably idealistic societies emerging from the crucible of death and destruction in the Second World War. Then. the surviviors were glad to be alive and wanted to fill the mourning world with new joy, not with money.

A Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy

This work under the title A Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy Philosophy was published in 1960 by Rider & Company of the Hutchinson Publishing Group Ltd., London. Its American edition under the title Indian Philosophy: A Critical Survey was brought out in 1962 in 'University Paperbacks' by Barnes and Noble, Inc., New York. The Publishers of this work in India are Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi. It is a pleasure to know that the work has been very well received and has run into several editions and imprints.

A Day in Kashi

Banaras a city with many mysteries, exquisitely depicted in colour. A selection of one hundred and eight photographs depicting a day in Kashi a day out of this world. Kashi, Banaras, Varanasi one of the most ancient of living cities. One can still trace its ancient background through the face it presents today. It is a city that unfolds its deepest secrets to only a few. A few who through dedication and love come time and time again to document the most inner and hidden secrets of this ancient city.

A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms

After the Dictionary went to press, Professor Soothill died. The work on the Dictionary, however, was completed. For ten years we worked together, he at Oxford and I at Hartfold, and the manuscript  crossed the Atlantic four times. During his semester in New York as Visiting Professor in Columbia University and on my brief visit to Oxford, we had opportunity to consult together on some outstanding problems. The work of organizing the material and harmonizing the differences was done by Professor Soothill. He was well eequipped to undertake the task of producing a Buddhist Dictionary, having a thorough knowledge of the Chinese language.

A Dictionary of The Vedic Rituals

This dictionary, based on the Srauta and Grhya Sutras, attempts to explain all significant terms related to the Vedic sacrificial

A History of Pali Literature

This book, published for the first time in 2 volumes in 1933, has become a classic in Pali studies. It