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A Dictionary of Indian Mythology

Notwithstanding the existence of a few dictionaries pertaining to Indian mythology, modern studies on this subject as a separate discipline

A Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology and Religion

The main portion of this work consists of mythology, but religion is bound up with mythology, and in many points the two are quite inseparable. Of history, in the true sense, Sanskrit possesses nothing, or next to nothing, but what little has been discovered here finds its place. The chief geographical names of the old writers also have received notice, and their localities and identifications are described so far as present knowledge extends.

Aditya Hrdayam

The book presents the original Sanskrit mantras of the 'Aditya Hrdayam' along with their Roman translation and lucid English translation. The verses are accompanied by detailed annotations that describe every term, concept and idea with great clarity.

Ancestral Voices

” Ancestral Voices is an extraordinary attempt to theorise how playfull a writer represents the world through the word by


This contemporary companion to the Bhagavad Gita addresses the heart of human yearning. It offers the possibility of transforming the battle of life into a path to Truth, a living process. Each chapter presents a road toward our inner, universal Self, bringing a deeper and wider perspective along the way.


This study presents the main phases in the making of the Hindu deity Dattatreya, from its Puranic emergence as an


The Story of Yayati and his wives, Devayani and Sharmistha, is told in Sambhava Parva of Adi Parva of Mahabharata,

Devi Rahasya With Parisistas

The Devirahasya is traditionally supposed to form part of the bigger compilation called Rudrayamala. The Uddharakosa, though written in the form of a dialogue between Dakshinamurti and his disciple Akshobhya, is a collection of quotations from no less than fortyseven Tantric works. The Devirahasya in all its parts seemes to have been composed by some kashmirian writter because as already referred to above the goddesses Jvalamukhi, Sarika maharajni, Sarada, Bhida and Bala are popular and have their shrines in the kashmir valley.


The Devimahatmya addresses the perennial questions of the nature of the universe, humankind, and divinity. Written in the form of a narrative of a dispossessed king, a merchant betrayed by the family he loves, and a seer, it presents a trilogy of myths concerning the all powerful Divine Mother, Durga, and the fierce battles she wages against throngs of demonic foes. These allegories represent our all-too-human impulses toward power, possessions, and  pleasure.

Dictionary of Hindu Lore and Legend

The Dictionary of Hindu Lore and Legend provides over 1000 accessible, informative and authoritative entries to answer any major question

Domain of Lord Jagannath

This little book, entitled Domain of Lord Jagannath -A Historical Study by Dr. Bikram Das, a medical professor, is a unique work in the field of cultural history relating to Lord Jagannath and the Thakur Raja of Puri. It describes how the glorious administration of the sixteenth century developed in Purushottama-dham and how the Gajapati Rajas were respected by Rajas, Zamindars and people of Orissa even after they were deprived of power and independence.


Durga Kosha is intended to be a comprehensive work on the Goddess Durga: mythology relating to Durga which is found