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Hinduism and Buddhism

Ananda Coomaraswamy's Hinduism and Buddhism, like all his writings, is a masterpiece. In this work he sets forth his ideas with his usual depth and insight to discard the wrong notions about the divergence in the basic philosophies of these two major religions that have been propounded by 'European scholars and by Indians trained in our modern sceptical and evolutionary modes of thought.

KABBALAH An Inroduction And Illumination For The World Tody

This detailed and readable introduction to the Kabbalah–the ancient system of Jewish mysticism–illuminates its fascinating history and points out its

KABBALAH Your Path To Inner Freedom

The Tree of Life is a symbol of extraordinary richness and meaning. Its roots lie in the ancient mystical lore

Misconceptions About Sankara

The author fully aware that many an intem of discussion noticed here, might have been developed and presented as an