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A Day in Kashi

Banaras a city with many mysteries, exquisitely depicted in colour. A selection of one hundred and eight photographs depicting a day in Kashi a day out of this world. Kashi, Banaras, Varanasi one of the most ancient of living cities. One can still trace its ancient background through the face it presents today. It is a city that unfolds its deepest secrets to only a few. A few who through dedication and love come time and time again to document the most inner and hidden secrets of this ancient city.

Ambivalent Encounters

Jenny Huberman provides an ethnographic study of encounters between western tourists and the children who work as unlicensed peddlers and guides along the riverfront city of Banaras, India. She examines how and why these children elicit such powerful reactions from western tourists and locals in their community as well as how the children themselves experience their work and render it meaningful.

Banaras : Cosmic Space of Life, Light and Twilight

Banaras : Cosmic Space of Life, Light and Twilight presents a short survey of a unique city which can be

Banaras City of Light

One of the oldest living cities in the world, Banaras is also where Shiva, the Lord of All, is believed

Benares The Sacred City

Havell's book is almost a flawless tour guide of the present day Varanasi which has changed very little and still retains its charisma for those who search for ancient India. The book is an attempt to give a lucid outline of Hindu ideas and religious practices. It presents the innovative and aesthetic aspects of Indian religions, which can be observed at few places so well as in the sacred city and its neighbourhood.


Dead in Banaras in its inception, set out to follow the ‘dead’ across multiple social locations of crematoria, hospital, morgue,

Death in Banaras

This book is primaryly about the priests and other kinds of 'sacred specialist' who serve them:about the way in which they organise their business,and about their representations of death and understanding of the rituals  over which they preside.all three levels are informed by a common ideoligical preoccupation with controlling chaos and contingency.the anthro pologist  who writes about death inevitably writes about the world of the living,and Dr Parry is centrally concerned with concepts  of the body and the person in contemporary hinduism,with ideas about hierarchy,renunciation and sacrifice,and with the relationship between hierarchy and notions of complementarity and holism.

From Volga to Ganga

Interwoven within the stories are the defining events of their history, the migration east, the coming of the Vedic scriptures and Buddha, the rise of Islam and the Mughals, and finally the coming of the colonial powers, the passive movement of Gandhi and Communism.


About the several sacred cities of the world, Kasi has a distinct individuality that gradually developed over the ages since 

Living, dying and transformation in Banaras : The crossing project

Banaras – Kashi – the oldest living city in the world, is described as a microcosm of Indian civilization. The


This study is the result of many years of research in India and Europe, in universities, museums, academies, libraries, and public and private foundations. Setting aside the impersonal, objective tone which a scientific work requires, I wish to express my gratitude to all those samnyasins, brahmanas, relatives of dead and dying persons, doms, and to all those living around cremation grounds, whom we cannot of course mention by name.