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Buying in our bookshop through internet is very easy, quick and secure

1) Choose the book and add it to the Shopping Cart.
When you will have selected the book you want to buy, click with the mouse on the sign: Add to the cart.
Now you already have selected an article for buying. In the same way, you can add to the Cart as many articles as you wish.

2) Going to the Shopping Cart and proceeding to Checkout.
After selecting the books you want to purchase, you can click on the Shopping Cart icon at the upper right side of the screen. The Cart will open and you will be able to see all the articles that you have chosen. You have now these options:

-If you want to see more books, click on Continue Shopping.
-Checking out and start the buying process. Click on Checkout.
-If you want to take out some book from your order, click on Delete in front of it.
-If you want to stock some book so as to buy it at some other occasion, click on Favourites, and the book will be memorized.
-If you want to change the number of copies of a certain book, you can do it by writing the number of copies in the textbox.
Click then on New Total, or on an other place on the screen, and the new bill will appear.

3) Write the Mailing data, and choose the Mode of dispatch.
When you will start the buying process, in case you had not registered previously you must d it now b clicking on "I am a new user". This is very easy, and requires that you write only 3 data: your contact email, your user name and an access password. Click then on Register and the registration will be completed. You will be able to read "Welcome", followed by your user name, in the upper part of the screen.
The Order Form will then open. You have to enter here customer's data in the Billing Form. In the Delivery Form, click on the checkbox if you want to receive the books at the same address, or else write a new address if, for example, you want to make a gift or receive the books at some other address.
In Dispatch Mode, click on the mode that you prefer (air mail, sea mail). Every mode of dispatch will have different price and time of delivery.
You can then click on Continue with the purchase.

4) Choose the Mode of payment and confirm the order.
Now two different forms will appear, one with your order's data and the other with the Mode of payment. After checking that the data of your order are correct, please choose the Mode of payment more convenient to you. After this, click on Continue with the purchase.
If you choose Credit card, you will be able to pay with any Visa. An automatic connection will open with CC Avenue, a secure payment company, and you have then to enter your credit card data, which will only be visible to CC Avenue.

Please note that CC Avenue guarantees the complete confidentiality of your data, and that Indicabooks.com will have absolutely no access to them.
If you choose Bank transfer as the mode of payment, the data of your bank account where you have to do the transfer will appear, along with the instructions for doing it.
Once the mode of payment will be completed, your purchase will be over. Click "Continue", and you will receive an email confirming that the purchase was done satisfactorily.

5) A few advises:
-The cheaper way to buy is through Credit card. It is quick and safe, and does not imply the expenses of Bank transfer, etc.
-The cheaper Mode of dispatch to countries other than India is by Sea mail, but it usually takes from 2 to 6 months. Air mail is much quicker but also more expensive.
-The quickest way of dispatch is through courier, but it is usually quite expensive for deliveries out of India.
-In the Order form you will see the expenses involved in the mode of dispatch that you have chosen. If you wish to see the expense of an other mode, click on "Back", select another mode of dispatch and the new total will appear. Click on the mode you prefer and continue with the purchase.
-For more information, please see in Help.

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